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MEKO-200HN Greek Frigate is used for coastal defense.


X3D Scene   Metadata
title   MEKO200.x3d
description   MEKO-200HN Greek Frigate is used for coastal defense.
creator   Georgios Floros and Andreas Kavousanos-Kavousanakis
translator   Andreas Kavousanos-Kavousanakis
created   16 September 2003
modified   28 February 2016
rights   Copyright (c) Georgios Floros, Andreas Kavousanos-Kavousanakis
drawing   HelicopterLandingDeck.png
subject   MEKO200 frigate, Hellenic Navy HN
accessRights   The "author" Georgios Floros created this model in .flt format. The "translator" Andreas Kavousanos- Kavousanakis used "Deep Exploration" trial version by "Right Hemisphere" in order to translate the original model into VRML 2.0 format non recognizable by the X3D Editor. The source code was pasted into a "Wordpad" file and was manually recreated in X3D format by the translator. The "author" has released all his rights to the "translator".
generator   X3D-Edit 3.2,
license   ../../license.html
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