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Simple prototype for an Anti-Ship Missile (ASM) explosion.


X3D Scene   Metadata
archive   https://savage.nps.edu/Savage/Weapons/Missiles
title   MissileExplosionPrototype.x3d
description   Simple prototype for an Anti-Ship Missile (ASM) explosion.
creator   James Harney
created   25 August 2001
modified   2 January 2019
reference   http://www.planetnine.com
reference   https://savage.nps.edu/Savage/CruiserUnitedStates/Cruiser.x3d
reference   www.specialoperations.com/multimedia/sounds.html/exp03.au
reference   See url "soundpermissions.html" for copyright info and use on missile1.au and exp03.au that are converted to missile1.wav and exp03.wav for use in this file/model
accessRights   soundpermissions.html
reference   explosion.png
identifier   https://savage.nps.edu/Savage/Weapons/Missiles/MissileExplosionPrototype.x3d
generator   X3D-Edit 3.2, https://savage.nps.edu/X3D-Edit
license   ../../license.html
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