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This guide describes how to connect to the NPS Savage chat server.

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NPS runs an XMPP chat server The chat server is hosted on system using port 5222 with TLS security settings.

There is open registration for the server. If you have an XMPP chat client installed, you can connect to the server and create your own account.

We have a group conference set up with multiple rooms available. New participants need to provide a password when first connecting.

In accordance with Navy policy, this server is available through the NPS firewall to external participants.

Install some client software and then connect, as described below. Detailed (geekish!) technical information is available on the Savage Developers Guide: Chat page.

Client Software


Spark connection directions

Adium connection directions

Two guides of interest: Kirk Stork's Adium guide and Fermilab Adium guide.

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