Class F16


public class F16 extends Object

F-16, The Fighting Falcon, Turkish Air Force (TUAF), Turkey.

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Scene Meta Information
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title F16.x3d
description F-16, The Fighting Falcon, Turkish Air Force (TUAF), Turkey
creator Murat ONDER, LTJG, Turkish Navy
creator The coordinates of the main body (Except landing gears, nose antenna, flag, weapons, missile holders, cockpit, cockpit seat and fuel tanks) are mostly similar to the model of Soji Yamakawa and used with permission.
created 13 July 2003
modified 28 November 2019
accessRights Here is a copy of the permission for the usage of the main hull; -----Original Message----- From: Soji Yamakawa [] Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 8:00 PM To: Onder, Murat TUR Subject: Re: VRML model points usage permission Sure. No problem. Soji ----- Original Message ----- From: "Murat Onder" <> To: <>; <> Sent: Monday, September 15, 2003 3:50 PM Subject: VRML model points usage permission Hi Sir, I am a MS student in Naval Postgraduate School. I'm making a model of Turkish F-16 for my project in a VRML course. For the main hull of the F-16, I want to use the coordinate points of your VRML model since I think that model represents well enough F-16. This is going to be only a student project and will not be used for any commercial purposes. Of course I'll make the citation and put the reference links to your page in the meta files of x3d file. I'd like to know if you can give permission to use those points in my model. V/R, Murat Onder LTJG, TU NAVY
reference The landing gears are taken from the Savage Archive, from F18 Blue Angel, then modified and re-animated.
drawing F16Drawing.jpg
Image F16FrontView.jpg
Image F16FrontView2.jpg
Image F16Missiles.jpg
subject F16, F-16, Fighting Falcon
generator X3D-Edit 3.3,
license ../../license.html

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