Package Savage.AircraftHelicopters.SH60SeahawkUnitedStates

package Savage.AircraftHelicopters.SH60SeahawkUnitedStates
  • Classes
    Helicopter engine.
    Extended pylon for torpedo, fuel tank and helfire mod.
    Helicopter body.
    Helicopter main rotor head in horizontal position.
    Helicopter left main wheel.
    Helicopter main rotor blade in full down position.
    Helicopter tail pylon.
    Helicopter's back or rear wheels.
    Right pylon for torpedo.
    Helicopter right wheel.
    A SH60F main rotorhead containing four main rotor blades, a central capping structure, central rotor mast and four pitch-control rods.
    A SH60/HH60 SeaHawk twin-engine helicopter is used for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, drug interdiction, anti-ship warfare, cargo lift, and special operations.
    Helicopter stabilator in full down position.
    Single helicopter tail blade.Foil and chord in direct proportion of actual tail blade.
    A SH60F tailrotor.
    A SH60F tail section.