Package Savage.Buildings.HouseBarisAktop

package Savage.Buildings.HouseBarisAktop
  • Classes
    A basin for the kitchen.
    Bathtub model.
    Basic bed.
    Bed frame.
    Simple chair.
    Coffee table with wood grain.
    Maroon couch.
    Wooden cover for kitchen storage lockers.
    Dish for kitchen table.
    Section of outside fence.
    Gate for outside fence.
    Flip lid.
    Flip cover for toilet and tub.
    A house model with basic furniture, appliances and and animated doors.
    Oven for kitchen.
    Pillow for bed.
    Basic refrigerator for kitchen.
    Simple roof for house.
    Simple sofa.
    Table for kitchen.
    Toilet for bathroom.
    Tree derived from VRML Sourcebook example.