Package Savage.ShipsMilitary.CarrierSaratogaUnitedStates

package Savage.ShipsMilitary.CarrierSaratogaUnitedStates
  • Classes
    Project for VRML CVN Tower.
    Low Resolution details for inline to main Improved Bridge file for LOD effects.
    Captain's Seat in the bridge.
    Drawing of Carrier USS Saratoga CV-60 using Extrusion.
    Carrier elevators lift planes up from hangar deck to flight deck.
    Simple guns for carrier.
    A computer keyboard for the control panel in the CVN bridge control.
    Console details in the Bridge.
    3D extruded image of Bridge Door Entrance.
    3D extruded image of encryptor for the console.
    Simulating the flying of a harrier on USS Saratoga.
    Harrier Av8b.
    This is the lowest detail hull - dimensions are extracted from photos.
    CVN Tower.
    3D extruded image of Navigator's Desk.
    A radar screen in the bridge.
    Carrier Saratoga, integrating all of the other 3D component scenes.
    Water surface.