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(Editorial note. The XMPP chat plugin is no longer maintained by Netbeans, this page is maintained for historical purposes. Further chat resources can be found on the Savage Developers Guide.)

This page describes how to install the XMPP Chat Collaboration Module in X3D-Edit v3.2. Additional information is within the JavaHelp system, or online at

Known problem: file sharing does not work properly for filename.x3d scenes. Reported as Netbeans issue 137234.

1. To install chat collaboration as part of X3D-Edit, first select the Tools > Plugins menu for the Plugins panel, and then select the Available Plugins tab.

Select the checkbox for Developer Collaborator, press the Install button.

Netbeans Plugin Select, Developer Collaboration Module

2. Confirm that you want to install the Developer Collaboration Plugin:

Netbeans Plugin Confirmation

3. Now acknowledge the Netbeans Plugin License Agreement.

Netbeans Plugin License Agreement

4. Once the download (~9MB) and installation is complete, select Finish:

Netbeans Plugin Installation Completed Successfully

If needed, further troubleshooting help on plugin setup is available via JavaHelp under Help Contents > IDE Basics > Plugins. Additional help is online at

5. Notice that a new Collaboration menu is available for selection. Select menu item Login. Then select Add Account (or connect to an existing account) on

New Account Creation at

6. You are then prompted for first and last name, username, etc. Once the account is created, log in:

Collaboration Login Panel

7. Now right-click on Conversations to open the Subscribe To Public Conversation panel . Enter x3d and Find to locate the chat room. Then select OK to join:

Subscribe To Public Conversation Panel

8. The collaboration pane should now show any known contacts and open conversations (rooms). Double-click X3D to join the chat room:

Conversations X3D Chat Room

9. The x3d chat room itself is now available as another file tab. Type in the bottom box to chat. Drag or select X3D scene files into the top box for file sharing.

Collaboration Chat Room Available as File Tab

10. Users with the Windows Vista operating system may encounter access problems. Please try these additional steps and report if there are any further difficulties.

11. Further help on Netbeans collaboration is available via JavaHelp under Help Contents > Collaboration, and also online at

JavaHelp Collaboration
JavaHelp Collaboration Accounts

Also available: additional setup instructions for Vista users .


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