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X3D Example Archives: Savage, Aircraft Helicopters, SH 60 Seahawk United States

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Engine Engine Helicopter engine. Interchangeable on either side of the helicopter. Black cylinder in the middle to to give exhaust, burned look. Extrusion borrowed and modified from Jane Wu's Super Cobra's Engine.
ExtendedPylon Extended Pylon Extended pylon for torpedo, fuel tank and helfire mod. Configurations include fuel tank and torpedo or helfire four missile rack. Possible future missions include transport of AUV into hostile waters for recon and mapping.
Fuselage Fuselage Helicopter body.
Head Head Helicopter main rotor head in horizontal position.
LeftWheel Left Wheel Helicopter left main wheel. Black taurus for wheel and grey cylinders for axil and strut support. Box for floatation pylons.
MainRotorBlade Main Rotor Blade Helicopter main rotor blade in full down position. Single blade created of index face sets. Airfoil and chord dimensions in proportion with actual blade.
Pylon Pylon Helicopter tail pylon. Tail section of the H60 helicopter which could be folded when in a stored posture such as on the deck of an aircraft carrier.
RearWheel Rear Wheel Helicopter's back or rear wheels. Correct position for all versions except for UH60 which will need to be moved farther back and extended.
RightPylon Right Pylon Right pylon for torpedo
RightWheel Right Wheel Helicopter right wheel.
RotorHead Rotor Head A SH60F main rotorhead containing four main rotor blades, a central capping structure, central rotor mast and four pitch-control rods.
SH60Seahawk SH 60 Seahawk A SH60/HH60 SeaHawk twin-engine helicopter is used for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue, drug interdiction, anti-ship warfare, cargo lift, and special operations. Created using indexed face sets.
Stabilator Stabilator Helicopter stabilator in full down position. It will be adjusted for inflight profile using transforms in the SH60SeahawkUnitedStates.x3d file.
TailBlade Tail Blade Single helicopter tail blade.Foil and chord in direct proportion of actual tail blade.
TailRotor Tail Rotor A SH60F tailrotor. Contains four tail blades, capping unit and central drive shaft.
TailSection Tail Section A SH60F tail section. Contains rear pylon, housing for tail rotor motor and rotating tail rotor. Tail rotor is gauged to rotate at twice the speed of the main rotor head.

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