Autonomous Vehicle Command Language (AVCL) References

Autonomous Vehicle Control Language (AVCL) is a command and control language for autonomous unmanned vehicles, enabling common XML-based representations for mission scripts, agenda plans and post-mission recorded telemetry. Operators can utilize a single archivable and validatable format for robot tasking and results that is directly convertible to and from a wide variety of different robot command languages.

It is best to think of an AVCL file as a readable set of commands, with three different subsets possible:

AVCL has been implemented in Java, C++, CLIPS and Prolog over the years. We think that it is a command language interpretable using any programming language or planning engine. Current research work includes mapping AVCL to a variety of track-related data models.



The Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle (AUV) Workbench provides an example implementation of AVCL.

AVCL to X3D and KML

AVCL 2.x

AVCL 1.0 (now deprecated)

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